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4 Favorite American Cars for Automotive Lovers, What's the Advantage?

4 Favorite American Cars for Automotive Lovers, What's the Advantage?


There are only a few American cars in Indonesia, Chevrolet has also left the country following Ford and Chrysler.

Tesla is a car from America that is much-loved in Indonesia, because of the charismatic figure of Elon Musk.

List of Cars of America


The Dodge is an American car marketed by the Chrysler Group, LLC in 6 countries around the world.

Dodge is a brand of many luxury car models, such as SUVs, MPVs, two pickups.
For the territory of Indonesia, only the Dodge Journey model. 
Here are some models from Dodge in America.

  • Viper (1992 - 2010, 2012)
  • Journey (2008)
  • Charger (LX) (1964 - 1978), 1983 - 1987, 2005)
  • Grand Caravan (1984-Sekarang)
  • Avenger (1995 - 2000; 2008 - 2013)
  • Challenger (1970 - 1974; 1978 - 1983; 2008)
  • Dart (1960 - 1976;2013)
  • Durango (1998 - 2009; 2011)


The Lincoln Motor Company is an American car company. Founded in 1917 and based in Dearbom, Michigan.

Lincoln is a car manufacturer of various sports and luxury vehicles. Currently, Lincoln is still a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company.

Here are some models from Lincoln.

  • Lincoln MKT concept (2008)
  • Lincoln MKS concept (2006)
  • Lincoln MKR concept (2007)
  • Lincoln Mark 9 (2001)
  • Lincoln Mark LT (2006-2008)
  • Lincoln Continental Concept (2002)
  • Lincoln Aviator concept (2004)
  • Lincoln Mark LT concept (2004)
  • Lincoln Mark X concept (2004)
  • Lincoln MK9 concept (2004)
  • Lincoln Navicross (2003)


Tesla is a car from America, which is very well known as an electric sports car company with high speed and high torque.

Tesla was founded in 2003 by 2 automotive engineers, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in San Carlos, California, United States.

Tesla's name was taken from the engineer and physicist, Nikola Tesla for the award for the invention of the concept of the magnetic field induction motor.

Here's the product from the Tesla car.

  • Tesla Roadster
  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model X
  • Konsep Mobil Masa Depan
  • Panel Surya

    Currently, there are 3 Tesla car models in Indonesia.

  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model 3


Jeep is a very well-known American company that has a wide variety of SUV type car products. 

The Jeep brand is very popular and worldwide.The company, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, was founded in 1941 and has been part of Chrysler since 1987.

Currently, Jeep is very popular in Indonesia with its sporty style. Here are some models of them.

  • Jeep Patriot
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 
  • Jeep Liberty KK
  • Jeep Cherokee KL
  • Jeep Renegade BU
  • Jeep Compass MK
  • Jeep Wrangler

Advantages of American-made cars

Here are the advantages of cars from the United States.

  • The car's power is the strongest among Japanese-made cars and European cars.
  • American cars have high comfort like cars from Europe.
  • American car designs are more elegant and long lasting.

Disadvantages of American-made cars

Here are the disadvantages of cars from the United States.

  • For the price of American cars, there is no doubt that the price is very expensive.
  • Spare parts or spare parts that are difficult because the workshop is rare.
  • The Unit price of spare parts is also expensive.This car maintenance is special, because not all repair shops are able to handle complaints from American cars.