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4 Best and Most Trusted Health Insurance Recommendations 2022

4 Best and Most Trusted Health Insurance Recommendations 2022


The best health insurance generally has an extensive network of imaginary hospitals, full coverage benefits.

Therefore, in choosing health insurance, it's better not to focus on the cheap ones, but also look at the benefits.

Recommendations for the best health insurance products

So that you are not confused, consider the following recommendations for the best health insurance:

    1.PRUPrime HealthCare

Prudential has been present in Indonesia since 1995 and serves life and health insurance. One of Prudential's best access is PRUprime Healthcare which provides protection until the age of 85 years.To get this insurance, you have to buy a life insurance product first. However, if you are already married, there is nothing wrong with buying this product, because your family needs financial protection from the risk of death.

The following are the benefits of PRUprime Healthcare:

  • Main customer entry age 1-65 years.
  • The annual benefit limit is up to IDR 1.5 billion.
  • Health insurance policy can be extended up to 85 years.
  • Hospital room and accommodation costs up to IDR 8 million per day.
  • Specialist doctor visits.

    2.AIA Premier Hospital & Surgical

AIA is a Hong Kong based company and has been operating in Indonesia since 1983.

Hospital & Surgical is the best AIA product that guarantees reimbursement for medical treatment costs for hospitals and surgeries overseas.

Here are the benefits of AIA Premier & Surgical:

  • The insurance applies at home and abroad.
  • Covers customers up to 88 years.

    3.Allianz smartest Maxi Violet

This insurance is one of the best accesses to consider. Allianz has advantages in several aspects. Allianz has the best pure health product, namely SmartHealth Maxi Violet.

This insurance will return 20 percent if there is no claim. In addition, Allianz insurance also offers 8 types of plans, according to the needs and hospitalization benefits of up to 1 million per day.

    4.Lippo HealthPlus Family

This insurance is one of the best accesses that provides the right health solution for you and your family with affordable premiums.

The following are the benefits of Lippo HealthPlus Family insurance:

  • Entry age 0-60 years.
  • Can be extended up to 65 years.
  • The annual benefit limit is IDR 150-300 million.
  • Has 884 fictitious hospitals spread across Indonesia.
  • Coverage for camera costs is RP. 550 thousand to RP. 1.4 million per day.
  • One policy for all family members.